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How do I align an antenna for best performance?

Good quality 700 - 2700 MHz DAS Antenna for sales
Good quality 700 - 2700 MHz DAS Antenna for sales
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How do I align an antenna for best performance?

Aligning an antenna for best performance means first checking what antenna type you have gotten. Omnidirectional antennas just have to be mounted straight, there is no need for further alignment necessary as their characteristics are identical in all horizontal directions.

This is different for directional antenna like a panel, LPDA or grid antenna. For best performance you first need to find out where the closest base station in line of sight of your internet service provider is located. A lot of times you can find websites which help to find out where the provider’s masts are. If not, you can call the operator’s customer service and get the address of the nearest base station relevant for your location.

If signal is low and you would like to attempt better reception or to “peak” the antenna, then proceed as follows:

---In order to direct the antenna towards the base station, use a cell phone with an integrated map and put in the address as a starting point. Then zoom out on the map, having both, the base station location and your own location simultaneously on the screen. Then activate the compass mode so that the map adapts according to how you direct the phone. Then adjust the antenna(s) in the right direction.

---Keep the antenna in that direction for about a minute to see if the reception improves.

---Draw a line as a reference point on the mast (pole) in relation to the clamp that secures the mast to the wall bracket. Make only a small mark with a marking pen as a reference point.

---Turn the antenna by increments of 10º to find the direction of the strongest signal. If you do not have any information where the base station tower is, move the antenna in increments of 3-5° at a time to see where the signal improves.

---If you have an option of more than one tower, select the tower with the fewest obstructions between you and the tower, even if it is much further. The antenna can operate with a tower up to 35 km away.

---lt is advisable to rather select a tower with clear line-of-sight further away than selecting a tower that is nearby but behind a hill, mountain, obstruction, building, etc.

---The antenna should be mounted as high as mast and the cable allows.


Keep in mind that the following items that obstruct your line of site can influence the signal:

---Landscape, like a hill or mountain.

---Any metal obstacle, like a corrugated iron roof, buildings with metal reinforcing, etc.

---Trees, especially if it is raining.

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